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Pressure Vessel Design, Welding and
Fitness-For-Service Software

Codeware's ASME VIII, ASME IX and API 579/ASME FFS-1 Software Suite: COMPRESS, Shopfloor and INSPECT

Codeware’s innovative pressure vessel design, welding and fitness-for service software tools are relied upon by companies around the world. Our software gives your business a competitive advantage by enhancing engineering productivity, reducing regulatory compliance risk and streamlining cross-departmental work flows.

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Pressure Vessel Calculation Software

Make the most of your Engineering staff’s valuable time by equipping them with the professional’s tool of choice, COMPRESS.

Benefits include a productivity enhancing user interface, rigorous and efficient ASME VIII calculations and reports, 3D CAD integration with SOLIDWORKS® and Inventor®, standard drawing, costing and FEA functionality as well as the best engineering support services in our industry.

  • The 3D solid model view of a desalter in COMPRESS. From here you can check for interferences and export the solid model to other programs.
  • COMPRESS includes a Long Seam Wizard to quickly place longitudinal shell seams
  • The COMPRESS Heat Exchanger Option includes expansion joint FEA as required by the TEMA 9th Edition.
  • Drafter 3D creates drawings from COMPRESS designs and is included with the CWI at no additional cost.
  • The COMPRESS heat exchanger option covers kettle type (u-tube) designs including consideration of the eccentric cone
  • Nozzle Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is included at no additional charge
  • The COMPRESS Appendix 2 Flange design includes a Flange Wizard and considers external loads and mating flange pairs
  • INSPECT shows combined API 579 FFS damage mechanisms on fixed equipment in 3D
  • INSPECT Shows API 570 CMLs on Piping in 3D
  • An ASME B31.3/API 570 piping system imported into INSPECT from AutoCAD® Plant 3D
  • INSPECT enables 3D plant modeling for Inspection, Reliability and Pressure Equipment Engineers
  • INSPECT shows CML's on API 653 storage tanks in 3D
  • 3D pressure equipment layout in INSPECT speeds navigation and data entry
  • An INSPECT ASME B31.3 pipe section showing multiple API 579/ASME FFS-1 flaw types

API RP 579/ASME FFS-1 Software

INSPECT is a combined Fitness-For-Service and Inspection Data Management System that saves companies time and money while reducing risk. INSPECT produces RAGAGEP based documentation and helps Engineers make run, re-rate, repair or replace decisions for vessels, exchangers, piping and storage tanks.

INSPECT’s exclusive 3D plant modeling for Inspection and Pressure Equipment Engineers can organize your facility’s corrosion loops into intuitive and efficient 3D models. Our one program one install software architecture supports easy deployment and maintenance of INSPECT throughout your organization too.

ASME IX Weld Management Software

Track customers, jobs, work locations, welders, bolters, weld forms and more using Shopfloor’s cloud based fabrication management system. Shopfloor can replace paper based QC systems and bridge the gaps between your Engineering, Drafting and QC departments. It is a true native cloud application that offers the latest in data management, access and security.

Shopfloor manages both ASME IX and National Board® forms, tracks welder continuity and performs Code checks as weld forms are created. It features unlimited data storage, multiple fabrication locations, integration with COMPRESS and INSPECT, has no reliance on Windows Remote Desktop or MS SQL Server and offers a turnkey implementation service.

  • We call it the Shopfloor Main Menu. You'll call it Fabrication Central Command.
  • Shopfloor performs ASME IX Code checks as weld forms are created
  • Shopfloor includes ASME Section IX weld forms pWPS, PQR, WPS, WPQ and WOPQ
  • Specialized welding processes supported include OFW, PAW, ESW, EGW and brazing
  • Shopfloor supports common welding processes including GTAW, GMAW, SAW, SMAW and FCAW

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