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Codeware's ASME VIII, ASME IX and API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Software Suite: COMPRESS, Shopfloor and INSPECT. To contact Codeware Sales and get Codeware COMPRESS pricing email or call 1-941-927-2670

Increase your capabilities and bring engineering work in-house. Prevent costly mistakes, reduce compliance risks and avoid unplanned downtime with Codeware’s expert pressure vessel design, welding and FFS systems.

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COMPRESS is the perfect solution for companies wanting to bring their pressure vessel design work in-house. COMPRESS saves Engineering hours, prevents mistakes and helps shorten equipment delivery times. It combines easy to use, comprehensive ASME® design calculations with cost estimating, solid modeling and automatic drawing generation.

Benefits include a productivity boosting vessel Quick Design mode, fast ASME design report creation, 3D CAD integration with SOLIDWORKS® and Inventor®, built-in finite element analysis (FEA) and the best engineering support services in our industry.

  • COMPRESS pressure vessel software can design various support configurations including braced legs
  • The COMPRESS heat exchanger option covers kettle type (u-tube) designs including consideration of the eccentric cone
  • Specialized welding processes supported include OFW, PAW, ESW, EGW and brazing

Shopfloor simplifies welding management by tracking welder continuity, welding procedures and any other job, equipment, work location or welder related documentation. When used with COMPRESS or INSPECT, it automates information exchange between your Engineering, Maintenance and QC departments. As Shopfloor is a native cloud application it is able to provide users with the latest in data management, access and security as well.

Shopfloor reports welder continuity and performs Code checks as weld forms are created. It features unlimited data storage, multiple work site tracking, integration with COMPRESS and INSPECT and offers a weld procedure setup and implementation service.

INSPECT is a combined Fitness-For-Service and 3D Inspection Data Management System that determines equipment remaining life and inspection schedules. It helps extend inspection intervals and save companies money while reducing risk. INSPECT assists Reliability Engineers by providing the calculations and documentation they need to safely reduce unplanned downtime, capital expenditures and repair costs for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping and above ground storage tanks.

INSPECT replaces multiple software packages from different vendors with a single user interface that organizes your facility’s pressure equipment into intuitive and efficient 3D models. When it becomes necessary to repair your pressure equipment, INSPECT’s integration with our Shopfloor welding management system speeds and simplifies that process too.

  • INSPECT Includes API 653 Storage Tank Evaluations, Inspection Data Management, Calculations and Reports
  • 3D pressure equipment layout in INSPECT speeds navigation and data entry
  • An INSPECT ASME B31.3 pipe section showing multiple API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 flaw types

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