• Provide automatic or manual CML (condition monitoring location) placement on the tank shell, roof and floor. Inspection locations are shown on the tank model in 3D.

  • Include API 653 nozzle assessments.

  • Perform shell out-of-plane settlement evaluations.

  • Perform tank edge settlement evaluations.

  • Perform tank bottom settlement evaluations.

  • Do assessments on floor bulges. Floor bulge sizes and locations are shown on the 3D tank model.

  • Produce tank MRT (minimum remaining thickness) calculations.

  • Feature built-in, fully user customizable API 653 checklists.

  • Include tank bottom patch plates (repair plates).

  • Include both user defined and safeguard based internal inspection interval options.

  • Determine tank remaining life.

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In addition to FFS, INSPECT Includes API 653 Storage Tank Evaluations, Inspection Data Management, Calculations and Reports
INSPECT Includes API 653 Tank Bottom Patch Plates

INSPECT Featured Capabilities