Limited-Enrollment COMPRESS Seminars

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Online COMPRESS Training

One online software training session is included with each COMPRESS license. Your session is lead by one of Codeware’s Mechanical Engineers and is tailored to cover the COMPRESS options you purchased. Typical topics include:

Learn how Design Mode and Rating Mode differ. Find out which mode is best suited to your projects.

Become comfortable setting preferences such as units of measurement.

Find out how to change ASME Code Editions and specify Building Codes.

See how to design a sample pressure vessel.

Gain familiarity with design inputs.

Learn how to run Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on nozzles.

Find out how Summary Reports, such as the Deficiency Report and Hydrotest Report, can provide quick information.

See the types of information found within the detailed calculation reports.

Learn how to automatically generate ASME and NBIC Forms.

In addition to online training, we include several web-based resources with your COMPRESS license such as a knowledge base of FAQs and video tutorials. Context sensitive help is also available within the software (press F1).

Training Videos

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ASME Code Training

If you have little or no experience working with the ASME Code or require a quick refresher, we recommend attending one of the many seminars offered by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). ASME Training and Development seminars cover numerous engineering and technical disciplines and are offered in both live and online formats.

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