The Codeware Interface (CWI) is a SOLIDWORKS\Inventor add-in that generates pressure vessel drawings and solid models from COMPRESS designs. This time saving functionality is not available from any other pressure vessel design system. The CWI is included at no additional charge with each current COMPRESS or INSPECT license.

Fully Featured SOLIDWORKS Models

  • Quickly create SOLIDWORKS models from COMPRESS pressure vessel and heat exchanger designs. These models take advantage of SOLIDWORKS features such as Mates and Sheet Metal.
  • Sketches, tables and drawings generated by the CWI can be manipulated as if the model had been created manually in SOLIDWORKS.
  • COMPRESS\CWI created solid models provide the details needed to produce accurate 3D renderings and 2D fabrication drawings.
An isometric view of a Heat Exchanger model created by the Codeware Interface add-in
The Codeware Interface add-on automatically creates and applies Mates when importing COMPRESS or INSPECT pressure vessel and heat exchanger models.

What Are Mates?

  • Mates create geometric relationships between components.
  • They define the allowable directions of linear or rotational motion of components.
  • The CWI automatically creates and applies Mates when importing COMPRESS designs.

What is Sheet Metal?

  • The SOLIDWORKS Sheetmetal feature allows you to flatten your design for manufacturing.
  • CWI models make use of the SOLIDWORKS sheet metal feature to automatically create flat (roll out) patterns.
A CWI cylindrical shell rolled up using the SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal function
Nozzle Update dialog from the Codeware Interface add-on

CWI Model Editor

  • Quickly Adjust nozzles with the Edit Nozzle and Drag Nozzle features
  • Simply specify new coordinates and the CWI will adjust the SOLIDWORKS model for you

CWI Created Drawings

  • General arrangement drawings are generated automatically
  • Nozzle detail drawings include welds and Shopfloor WPS numbers
  • Tubesheet detail drawings include UW 20.1 and 11.3-1 Tube-To-Tubesheet joints
WPS details from Shopfloor and weld geometries from COMPRESS are used to automatically create pressure vessel Weld Maps and Joint Detail drawings
Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) of a Nozzle created from the integration between Shopfloor and the Codeware Interface add-on

Weld Maps And Weld Details

  • The CWI can combine WPS details from Shopfloor and weld geometries from COMPRESS to automatically generate Weld Maps
  • Nozzle drawings include dimensions and weld symbols. If used with Shopfloor, Welding Procedure Specification information is shown as well.

Drawing Customization

  • Easy SOLIDWORKS Drawing Template Set Up. This allows you to modify the look and feel of your drawings to suit your drafting standards.

  • Update CWI created drawings quickly.

  • Create, modify and reposition tables and schedules easily.

A custom drawing of a Heat Exchanger with nozzles protruding out of an expansion joint created by the Codeware Interface add-in