What’s New in COMPRESS 2019

New features in COMPRESS 2019 Build 7900 include: API 661 air-cooled heat exchangers ASME PCC-1 flange assembly bolt stress A productivity enhancing Quick Design mode To see how Codeware's suite of products can benefit your organization we invite you to contact us today. [...]

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The Case for ASME Division 2 Class 1

Welcome to the second installment of our 2 part series on the advantages of using Division 2 Class 1. In our last Division 2 Class 1 post, we did a brief comparison of Class 1 and Division 1. In this video, we use a real world vessel example to illustrate the savings possible with [...]

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ASME VIII-2 (Division 2) Class 1 Vessels

New in ASME VIII-2: Class 1 Vessels The recently introduced ASME VIII-2 Class 1 designation provides a way to specify and build vessels that are more economical than those produced using traditional Division 1 rules. Advantages of Class 1 over Division 1 include: Modern, more accurate design equations [...]

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Code Case 2901 – External Loads on Flanges

COMPRESS software simplifies ASME Flange Design Do you need a way to combine pressure plus external loads when designing pressure vessel flanges?  ASME Code Case 2901 provides a new method to help solve this problem.  COMPRESS implements this recent Code Case and helps you to: Meet client specifications Obtain more economical flange ratings Satisfy ASME Code [...]

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COMPRESS 7710 Productivity Enhancements

COMPRESS 7710 New Features Include: Copy and Paste Nozzles Nozzles can now be copied and pasted between any components currently displayed in the 3D view, including between components on different vessels. To access this time saving new COMPRESS 7710 feature, select a nozzle from the Component Tree, activate the Copy Selected button, [...]

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What’s New in COMPRESS 2017 Webinar

In this webinar, Codeware's Engineering Manager Matt Heilandt, P.Eng. covers topics on: Project Panels Revamped Nozzle Dialog Advanced FEA Options (Detailed FEA) NBC 2015 Wind and Seismic Calculations Appendix 9 - Jacketed Vessels Heat Exchanger Wizard Webinar Reference Material Webinar Q&A [...]

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Create Pressure Vessel Drawings in SOLIDWORKS

Create Pressure Vessel Drawings in SOLIDWORKS Webinar Topics Include: Importing the COMPRESS 3D model Viewing transferred properties and assembly configurations Using drawing templates, blocks and parametric tables Tips and tricks View All New Codeware Interface Features » To save even more time, nozzle Mates [...]

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Create Pressure Vessel Drawings in Inventor

Create Pressure Vessel Drawings in Inventor Webinar Topics Include: Codeware Interface Overview and Demonstration of Import Vessel/Exchanger Properties and Assembly Representations Drawing Templates, Sketch Symbols, Tables and Representations View All New Codeware Interface Features » To save even more time, nozzle Mates have been added [...]

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Webinar – What’s New in COMPRESS 2016, Build 7600

COMPRESS 2016, Build 7600 highlights include: 2015 ASME Code (Div. 1 and Div. 2) Adding UG-34 bolted covers to B16.5/B16.47 flanges Specify nozzle service and vessel tag Add B16.9 elbows to nozzles Analyze TEMA 9th Edition expansion joints with FEA Bill of materials (BOM) report View [...]

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What’s New in Codeware Interface 2015, 7510 for Inventor

Easily create fabrication drawings from COMPRESS or INSPECT models using the Codeware Interface for Inventor. With the 2015, Build 7510 release users can now: Control decimal precision by property type Access additional vessel and exchanger properties within Inventor View All New Features » [...]

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