Did You Miss the COMPRESS 2017 Webinar?

If you missed the What's New In COMPRESS 2017 Webinar, would like to see it again or share it with colleagues, the Webinar Recording and Session Q&A are now available. The webinar topics included how to: Use the new data panes to quickly enter and modify design details. Design Jacketed Vessels with [...]

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What’s New in COMPRESS 2017 Webinar

In this webinar, Codeware's Engineering Manager Matt Heilandt, P.Eng. covers topics on: Project Panels Revamped Nozzle Dialog Advanced FEA Options (Detailed FEA) NBC 2015 Wind and Seismic Calculations Appendix 9 - Jacketed Vessels Heat Exchanger Wizard Webinar Reference Material Webinar Q&A [...]

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COMPRESS 2017 Release

Create Better Designs Faster With COMPRESS 2017 you can: Design Jacketed Vessels with nozzle penetrations and closure bars. Perform NBC 2015 wind and seismic calculations. Include tie rods and spacer tubes in your heat exchanger tube bundle layouts. For more details on these new features and more, [...]

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Design for Piping Loads With COMPRESS

Vessel and exchanger specifications such as API-660 routinely require that minimum assumed piping loads on nozzles be considered. COMPRESS covers this by including both WRC-107/537 and FEA analysis at no additional charge. With COMPRESS you can quickly transfer your WRC-107/537 nozzle loads to our built-in FEA engine within one dialog. COMPRESS produces professional PDF [...]

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Simplify Vessel Cost Estimating with COSTER

Do you need to easily pull a bill of materials (BOM) from your vessel or exchanger designs for cost estimating? COMPRESS® can now export a BOM for vessels and exchangers to Excel®. This was specifically designed to help fabricators like you easily generate accurate cost estimates. Design your vessel or exchanger in COMPRESS... [...]

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All Material is Created the Same…Right?

It’s been a while since I posted anything so I thought I would touch on an issue that recently came to my attention. Today’s blog entry deals with certain carbon steel materials and unexpected brittle fracture. We all know all materials are not created exactly the same. There will be slight differences in the material [...]

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Solid Modeling is More Than a Pretty Picture

Clients often ask us “why should my company adopt solid modeling?” and “what are the advantages over my current method?”. In this article I hope to shed some light on these questions and also provide my overall impression of where I think the industry is going and why. In my experience, solid models help in the following areas: [...]

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Building Codes

Building Codes Included in COMPRESS and INSPECT ASME VIII-1, UG-22 requires that external loads on pressure vessels be considered. COMPRESS and INSPECT let the user choose which building code to use as the basis for calculating the forces and moments acting on the vessel due to wind and/or seismic loads. Wind and seismic [...]

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Rating Input Mode

In rating mode COMPRESS calculates the MAWP and minimum thickness while allowing you to input your existing geometry. Inputs are re-evaluated during the modeling process and updated as necessary to reflect applicable Code dependencies. In selected circumstances warnings and good engineering practice reminders are presented. Read About Design Mode [...]

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