Codeware 2023 Software Enhancements

COMPRESS 2023 Pressure vessel design software New features include: Q-lip Nozzles Fatigue Screening ASCE 7-22 Cladding B16.9 Tees as Shell Components COMPRESS 2023 includes ASME VIII-2/Appendix 46 fatigue screening as a standard feature INSPECT 2023 Fitness-for-service software Additional features [...]

Codeware 2023 Software Enhancements2023-06-14T09:19:11-04:00

Latest COMPRESS, INSPECT, and Shopfloor Updates

Recent Enhancements to Codeware's Software Suite We are pleased to announce that updates to our software suite are now available.  Exciting new capabilities include: INSPECT - API 579 Fitness-for-Service Part 9 Level 2 Cracks Part 13 Level 1 and 2 laminations Part 14 Fatigue Assessments Part 3, 4, 5, [...]

Latest COMPRESS, INSPECT, and Shopfloor Updates2021-10-25T10:43:01-04:00

INSPECT API 579-1 FFS Software

Upgrade Your FFS Software Tools Are you looking for a better way to handle your Fitness-For-Service (FFS) activities?  INSPECT is the one program solution that covers pressure vessels, process piping and above ground storage tanks.  It also provides audit ready, professional looking reports. This short video will give you an overview of what INSPECT [...]

INSPECT API 579-1 FFS Software2021-09-07T12:01:14-04:00

API 579-1 and Pressure Relieving Devices in INSPECT

July 6, 2020 - We're pleased to announce the release of INSPECT 2020 Build 8010. Major new features include: Part 4 - Local Metal Loss on nozzles Part 8 Out-of-Roundness assessments Part 10 - Level 2 Creep Part 11 - Level 2 Fire Damage Pressure Relief Device (PRD) tracking [...]

API 579-1 and Pressure Relieving Devices in INSPECT2023-05-23T12:38:27-04:00

MAT – Minimum Allowable Temperature Curves

Steel process equipment exposed to auto-refrigeration is at risk of failing catastrophically.  INSPECT helps mitigate this brittle fracture risk by determining equipment Minimum Allowable Temperature (MAT) Curves and comparing them to a range of potential process scenarios.  These curves, also referred to as Minimum Pressurization Temperature (MPT) Curves, can be an important consideration when [...]

MAT – Minimum Allowable Temperature Curves2022-08-18T12:12:36-04:00

Heater Tube API 579 Part 10 Creep Assessments

One of INSPECT's most useful features is its ability to perform heater tube remaining life assessments per the creep rules of API 579 Part 10.  INSPECT provides comprehensive Level 2 creep calculations and detailed reports. It includes the MPC Project Omega, Larson-Miller Minimum, and Larson-Miller Average methods.  For more information on heater tube creep assessments [...]

Heater Tube API 579 Part 10 Creep Assessments2021-05-26T08:59:09-04:00

Quickly Generate Detailed FFS Reports With INSPECT

Do your current Fitness-For-Service (FFS) reports leave you wondering how the answers were calculated?  Are you spending too much time creating FFS reports?  INSPECT will save you time by producing audit ready reports with a single button click. In this video we show you how easy it is to create detailed API 579-1 documentation [...]

Quickly Generate Detailed FFS Reports With INSPECT2021-05-25T12:00:01-04:00
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