ASME IX and AWS Welding Procedure Software

Shopfloor is a cloud based welding management software system.  With Shopfloor, all your QC documentation is available from within one platform.  Shopfloor helps prevent issues like welding procedure duplication and welder qualifications expiring because of a lack of advance notice.  Welding Code checks, Shop TravelersWeld Mapping and SAP integration boost your productivity as well.

Shopfloor provides easy access to your welding documents from any internet connected device.  Because Shopfloor is cloud-based, your valuable information is protected from threats like hard disk crashes and ransomware.  It does not require Microsoft Remote Desktop to function.  This simplifies software implementation and improves system performance and reliability.

Shopfloor is a cloud-based ASME IX and AWS welding procedure management software that integrates with COMPRESS and INSPECT
Shopfloor features interactive graphics. Nozzle weld details can be accessed by clicking on the nozzle weld sketch.

Track Welding Procedures and Welder Continuity

Shopfloor handles welding forms, logs, and data reports but it does not stop there.  It also helps companies efficiently manage staff, customers, orders, and work site locations.  Shopfloor:

  • Creates and stores ASME IX and National Board forms.  Ensures your weld procedures comply with Code requirements by performing rigorous Code Checks as weld forms are created.

  • Creates and stores AWS D1.1, AWS D1.3, AWS D1.6, and AWS D17.1 forms. Full support for AWS prequalified welding procedures is provided.

  • Features interactive nozzle weld graphics to simplify data entry.
  • Tracks welder continuity with an email alert system to avoid costly re-qualifications.  Bulk continuity editing makes it easy to update weld logs for groups of welders too.

  • Includes a convenient Shop Traveler feature.

ASME IX and AWS Welding Procedure Management Simplified

Shopfloor is easy to learn and simple to use.  Shopfloor’s powerful search functionality makes finding what you’re looking for simple and quick.  It enables you to organize jobs by location, create the required welding procedures and forms, and track welder continuity.

Shopfloor also integrates with COMPRESS and INSPECT.  It quickly determines if additional welding procedures or welder qualifications are needed and assists in selecting the right procedures and welders for the job.  In addition, the Codeware Interface® can automatically transfer weld details and WPS numbers to your drawings.  Shopfloor’s one-click document deliverables feature gathers everything up in one neat package for submission at project completion.

Specialized welding processes supported include OFW, PAW, ESW, EGW and brazing

National Board Number Management

National Board Numbers are assigned and submitted by the vessel manufacturer as required by the National Board.  They must be sequential and can’t be reused.  Shopfloor simplifies this record keeping task by providing a tool that:

  • Shows which numbers have been used

  • Provides the next number in the sequence

  • Optionally “locks” the number so it can’t be removed/overwritten/duplicated

  • Requires a (Hydrostatic) Pressure Test Date in order to be locked

  • Records who issued the number, and when

National Board Number Manager
The Shopfloor Setup service inputs your existing ASME IX and AWS welding procedures to get you up and running quickly.

ASME IX and AWS Welding Procedure Setup Service

Our setup service takes the hassle out of upgrading your legacy welding system to Shopfloor.  This process involves scanning your existing paper forms, removing duplicates, and using Shopfloor’s built-in checks for ASME IX and AWS Code compliance.  We note the Code issues and duplicates found and input the forms into Shopfloor making them available for your immediate use.

To help get you up and running quickly all Shopfloor subscriptions also include software training.  Whether you are moving from a paper based system or transitioning from another welding procedure software our implementation staff can assist you.  We invite you to contact a member of our sales team to discuss your needs and get more information.

  • Compliance with the 2023 Edition of ASME IX

  • AWS D1.3 structural steel welding code
  • AWS D1.6 structural stainless steel welding

  • AWS D17.1 fusion welding for aerospace

  • Pressure vessel weld mapping

  • ASME IX brazing rules have been added

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