ASME UHX and TEMA Heat Exchanger Design

If you need ASME UHX or TEMA heat exchanger design calculations, drawings, and reports then the COMPRESS heat exchanger option is for you.  Up to eight design conditions can be investigated for fixed, u-tube, kettle, and floating tubesheet style exchangers.  Both horizontal and vertical heat exchangers can be modeled.  Highlights include:

  • ASME UHX and TEMA 10th Edition calculations and reports.

  • A Division 2 option that supports ASME VIII-2 and Appendix 46 heat exchanger designs.

  • Automatic heat exchanger drawing generation.

  • The Codeware to HTRI® interface.  Competing software either has no HTRI import or loads only a small part of the HTRI design file.  COMPRESS imports the entire HTRI heat exchanger.

  • Modeling of complete heat exchangers or replacement tube bundles.
  • The Coster utility for heat exchanger cost estimates.

An Interactive 3D Floating Tubesheet Heat Exchanger Designed in COMPRESS

Stepped Tubesheet Detail Drawing Created by the CWI From a COMPRESS Heat Exchanger Design

Produce Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Drawings

Are you looking for a way to quickly create heat exchanger drawings?  The Codeware Interface® (CWI) is a no extra cost add-in for Inventor® and SOLIDWORKS® that produces vessel and exchanger drawings automatically.  It loads COMPRESS designs into Inventor and SOLIDWORKS, creates solid models and simplifies the management of equipment details. The CWI also supports advanced smart solid modeling techniques including nozzle Mates as well as Assembly Representations (Inventor), Assembly Configurations (SOLIDWORKS), “features”, “sheet metal” and “sketches”.

  • Shell roll-outs with nozzle openings, nozzle schedules, nozzle detail drawings, nozzle cut lists, U-tube bend schedules, bills of materials and more are created faster and with fewer mistakes.

  • Solid models include tube bundle assemblies with tubesheets, baffle plates, tie rods and spacer tubes.
  • The CWI includes Drafter 3D, a “one push button” feature that automatically produces to-scale drawings.
Drawing Creation With COMPRESS

Import HTRI® Heat Exchanger Designs Into COMPRESS

The COMPRESS heat exchanger option includes a read/write interface with HTRI’s Xchanger Suite Xist®.  This saves time and enhances collaboration between Mechanical and Thermal Designers.  The Codeware HTRI interface imports HTRI thermal designs and checks them for mechanical interferences and ASME Code compliance. It is also bi-directional so the effect of mechanical changes on the thermal rating can be determined from within COMPRESS directly.  To accomplish this, COMPRESS uses HTRI’s native API not the obsolete (no longer supported) HTRI .dbo text file format.

COMPRESS loads the complete HTRI heat exchanger including nozzles, shells, heads, and flanges.  This is a huge time saver when compared to competitors that can’t read HTRI files or are limited to loading HTRI tubesheets only.

View HTRI Heat Exchanger Design Import Video
COMPRESS can import and export TEMA and ASME UHX shell and tube heat exchangers from HTRI

Create ASME UHX and TEMA Heat Exchanger Cost Estimates

The COSTER Excel add-in imports COMPRESS designs and creates customizable cost estimates in spreadsheet format.  COSTER organizes equipment into purchased and fabricated components and groups identical pieces into convenient lists.  It estimates labor using a cost factor system that can be adjusted to suit your shop practices.  COSTER is included with the purchase of COMPRESS.

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