Working with Multiple ASME VIII BPVC Editions

New ASME VIII BPVC projects typically require the use of the Code Edition in force at the time the contract is signed. When re-rating existing vessels the NBIC allows the use of either the ASME VIII Addenda in force when the vessel was built or the latest ASME VIII Edition. Whether you’re dealing with new construction or re-rating old equipment your company probably enters into new contracts every year, some of which may take years to complete.

Since most companies work with more than one Code Edition\Addenda at the same time, COMPRESS and INSPECT include a Multiple ASME Code Edition feature. This feature enables you to:

  • Work on projects spanning multiple years without needing multiple software versions installed. Design and re-rate equipment to different Addenda (1995 to present) from within the same software release.

  • Easily update older designs to be compliant with the latest ASME BPVC Edition (ideal when providing re-order/replacement designs).

  • Use the same COMPRESS version throughout your entire company. Take advantage of recent enhancements like Appendix 9 jackets and Nozzle Copy and Paste while still maintaining access to older ASME Codes.

  • Avoid the hassle of having to manage the use of old software versions.  Which program version loads which file, will the old software run under Windows 10 or 11?

How do I change the ASME Code Edition/Addenda used?

The ability to switch between different ASME VIII Code Editions/Addenda (1995 to present) is available to all COMPRESS and INSPECT users with up-to-date support.

  1. When starting a new design COMPRESS defaults to the latest Code Edition. To change the Edition/Addenda used select Codes > ASME.
  2. Click “OK” to apply the selected Edition to the current file only. Click “Save Defaults” to set the selected Edition as your default for all new designs.
  3. For easy reference, the Code Edition selected appears in the lower right task bar. If needed, it can be changed “on the fly” while designing as well.
Multiple ASME VIII BPVC Code Editions

More About the Multiple ASME VIII BPVC Editions Feature

In COMPRESS, once you’ve set the Addenda/Edition everything else follows automatically. You do not need to remember to change several settings. Based on your selection COMPRESS automatically applies:

  • The Edition/Addenda’s Code rules.

  • The allowable stresses from the corresponding Edition of ASME Section II Part D (design margins change over time).

  • The notes from the corresponding material tables of ASME Section II Part D.

  • The ASME B16.5 and B16.47 flange materials and pressure ratings from the Edition specified in Table U-3 of Section VIII, Division 1 (materials and pressure ratings often vary slightly between Editions).

In Design Mode, if any design changes are needed to keep your equipment in Code compliance, COMPRESS automatically makes the necessary adjustments (such as increasing the nominal thickness). In Rating Mode no design adjustments are made but design deficiencies are noted.

If you don’t have software that allows you to easily switch between ASME Code Editions, it’s time to explore the benefits of COMPRESS. Find out more by emailing or calling (941) 927-2670.