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Pressure Vessel Lifting and Rigging Analysis

Lifting and Rigging Analysis What use is a highly engineered piece of pressure equipment if you can't safely get it off the rail car and stand it up? COMPRESS and INSPECT include an integrated solution to this complex task. When performing lifting and rigging analysis COMPRESS and INSPECT: Use an accurate weight [...]

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5 COMPRESS Time-Saving Tips

Use these 5 tips to save time when designing vessels and exchangers with COMPRESS. Quickly navigate using the shortcut keys: Insert - Insert a component Delete - Delete a component F2 - Nozzle design Ctrl + F3 - Run FEA on nozzles F3 - Generate reports F4 - Edit a component F7 - Set [...]

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Detailed Design in Three Easy Steps

Vessels From Specification to Detailed Design in Three Easy Steps Creating an ASME design that simultaneously considers internal pressure, vacuum, MDMT and wind/seismic loadings can be a daunting task. The COMPRESS Vessel Wizard can do this for you with minimal data entry. Based on your inputs, design conditions are automatically satisfied by the [...]

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Multiple ASME VIII BPVC Code Editions

Working with Multiple ASME VIII BPVC Editions New ASME VIII BPVC projects typically require the use of the Code Edition in force at the time the contract is signed. When re-rating existing vessels the NBIC allows the use of either the ASME VIII Addenda in force when the vessel was built or the [...]

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Check Stresses Before Testing

Check ASME Vessel & Exchanger Stresses Before Testing The ASME Code requires that all vessels undergo hydro (or pneumatic) testing following fabrication and before Code stamping. As this test provides mechanical stress relief it may be thought of as the final step in the fabrication process. The hydro test is an effective way [...]

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ASME Forms Preparation

Automate ASME/NBIC Forms Preparation Filling out and managing ASME and National Board registration forms is a time consuming, error prone task. With the COMPRESS Forms Tool you can: Create ASME U and A Forms with data pulled directly from your COMPRESS file. This eliminates redundant data entry and reduces transcription errors. Create NBIC repair and [...]

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FEA on Nozzles

Perform FEA on Nozzles Welding Research Council Bulletins WRC-107 and WRC-297 are widely used by Engineers to investigate piping (and other) loads on nozzles within COMPRESS. However, what should you do if you have geometries that the WRC Bulletins do not cover such as "large" nozzles on formed heads or nozzles on flat [...]

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Design in Metric Units

Design ASME Vessels & Exchangers in Metric Units If you're using metric plate, you need to design using metric units. To accommodate jurisdictions that do not use U.S. Customary units, the ASME introduced metric design values throughout Section VIII as well as a Metric Edition of Section II, Part D. Converting a U.S. [...]

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