Which COMPRESS Releases Support the Latest ASME Code?

COMPRESS Builds 7800 through 7910 are up to date with the 2017 Edition of the ASME VIII BPVC. Previous releases, including COMPRESS 2017, have lower build numbers and are not current with the latest ASME Code. The COMPRESS year is displayed on the opening screen and can also be shown, along with the build number, by clicking on Help\About COMPRESS from the main menu. Examples of how this will appear in an ASME compliant version of COMPRESS are shown on the right.

All COMPRESS versions, including very old releases, can be identified by their build release numbers. All build numbers lower than 7800, including COMPRESS Build 6258, are NOT in compliance with the 2017 Edition of the ASME Code.

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COMPRESS 2018 Complies With the 2017 Edition of the ASME VIII BPVC
COMPRESS 2019 Build 7900 Support the 2017 Edition of the ASME Code

Why Upgrade From an Old Release like COMPRESS Build 6258?

Valuable features such as the latest ASME Code Changes, money saving Class 1 vessels, Code Case 2695, Code Case 2901, vessel Quick Design, CWI automatic drawings, Appendix 13, ASME PCC-1 and Windows 10 compatibility are not available if you’re using old Codeware releases such as COMPRESS Build 6258 or COMPRESS Build 6259. Also, designs created using free or unlicensed COMPRESS versions cannot be loaded by genuine COMPRESS software licenses. Boost your productivity and protect your company’s reputation by upgrading from COMPRESS Build 6258 today!