The Shopfloor Setup and Implementation Service

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome when upgrading to a system like Shopfloor is getting it ready for use.  Unlike other engineering programs, automating your welding documentation system requires that it first have all the required forms available in electronic form.  We believe that this problem has prevented many companies from making the transition from paper and has also discouraged others from upgrading their existing welding programs.  Codeware tackles this business problem head on by offering a Shopfloor Setup Service.  The Shopfloor Setup Service generally proceeds as follows:

  • Setting up your shop location(s) and adding welder information.  Welder information to be entered includes name, clock/stamp number and continuity status.  This step can be performed by us, in confidence, from the information you supply if desired.  We take it from here.

  • Scanning your existing paper forms.

  • Identifying and removing duplicate records.

  • Using Shopfloor to check the forms for ASME IX Code compliance.

  • Noting all Code issues and duplicates found.

  • Finally,  entering the forms into your Shopfloor account making them available for your immediate use.

Shopfloor Setup and Training

One of the biggest benefits of Shopfloor is its ease of use.  We feel that it is far better to produce a modern, easy to use interface than to rely on, and force users into, extensive training.  To get you up and running quickly we do however include on-line software orientation and training with all Shopfloor subscriptions.

The Shopfloor Setup service inputs your existing ASME IX and AWS D1.1 welding procedures to get you up and running quickly

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