Prequalified Welding Procedures (WPS) in Shopfloor

Welding procedure specifications (WPS’s) provide detailed instructions to welders making quality controlled welds.  Structural steel welds per AWS D1.1 may be qualified by procedure qualification records, testing or by following the prequalified welding procedures given in AWS D1.1  These WPS qualifications demonstrate that the welding procedure can produce joints that have the required mechanical properties for the intended application.

A prequalified WPS has a specific range of parameters for which preparation of a procedure qualification record (PQR) is not needed.  This saves time helping you to working smarter, not harder.

Pre-Qualified Welding Procedures in Shopfloor

Why Use Shopfloor to Prepare Pre-Qualified Welding Procedures?

Shopfloor supports and validates welding procedures according to the latest editions of the AWS Code, ensuring clarity and completeness. Organizations utilizing Shopfloor to prepare pre-qualified welding procedures realize the following benefits:

  • Simplifies WPS Creation – Shopfloor guides you through the process of setting up your prequalified welding procedures

  • Time Savings – Eliminate the time required to develop and test PQR’s

  • Monetary Savings – Cut out the R&D needed to develop and test new welding procedures

  • Better Quality – Pre-qualified welding procedures lead to increases in efficiency and productivity
  • Improved Work Flow – Track welders and be notified of pending continuity expirations

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