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Coordinate Plant Layout and ASME Equipment Design

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COMPRESS includes a Long Seam Wizard to quickly place longitudinal shell seams

COMPRESS Improves Productivity

COMPRESS Prevents Mistakes

The ASME Code is a complex set of mandatory rules subject to regular updates. An Engineer specializing in the Code must be familiar, and stay current with, a wide range of technical subjects. Building Codes, related Codes and Standards, good engineering practices, customer specifications not to mention advances in computing make this a challenging area of Engineering practice. COMPRESS has been in widespread use for over 30 years and helps Engineers navigate through this and avoid Code related errors and omissions.

Installation of a COMPRESS Designed Tall Tower

A COMPRESS designed tall tower being installed.
Note the strut used to prevent damage to the support skirt.

Photo Credit: Ken Grakauskas of New Century Engineering & Design

INSPECT adds inspection data mangement, Mechanical integrity, Fitness-For-Service and other post contruction capabilities to COMPRESS

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