Perform API 510 In-Service Pressure Vessel Evaluations With INSPECT

It’s common practice for different departments within process plants to have their own budgets and software tools. In addition, legacy Mechanical Integrity (MI) software tools do not handle, and so cannot be used by, subject matter experts to perform Fitness-For-Service (FFS) assessments.  This can lead to duplicate data entry, delays in producing results or even worse, miscommunication between departments. The end result of this disconnect is wasted time and missed opportunities.

INSPECT supports both MI and FFS activities within one platform eliminating the need for multiple softwares. With INSPECT, everyone works with the same equipment model ensuring that all departments have the same information. This not only eliminates data duplication it also reduces the load on IT and eliminates the need to be trained on multiple software tools.

At the heart of MI or FFS lays the Original Code of Construction. INSPECT is built on Codeware’s flagship COMPRESS program and its ASME calculation engine. This allows older construction codes to be used and provides a complete audit trail showing proper calculation of tmin‘s.

INSPECT combines mechanical integrity CML's with FFS flaws on ONE equipment model
An INSPECT Undocumented Vessel Mechanical Integrity Report

Document Your Undocumented Pressure Vessels

INSPECT can assist you with your undocumented pressure vessels. The INSPECT vessel wizard takes basic information and creates a working model to help get you started.

The INSPECT workflow documents undocumented pressure vessels in three easy steps:

  • If you have a COMPRESS or INSPECT model (CW7 file) load it. Otherwise, create a model by entering basic vessel information in the Vessel Wizard.

  • Set up inspection CML’s using INSPECT’s auto CML placement feature. INSPECT supports Excel so thickness grids can be quickly exchanged between Excel and INSPECT.

  • If you have a corrosion history copy and paste it into INSPECT from Excel. Otherwise enter a user defined corrosion rate and run the analysis.

The Power of INSPECT

The proper assessment of nozzles and manways is a vital, but often overlooked, part of any MI vessel inspection plan.

Take, for example, the simple vessel shown on the right. Normally a few points would be taken on the cylinder and the assessment would be performed. But in this case the nozzle governs. This then affects the remaining life of the entire vessel. INSPECT allows thickness measurements to be entered on and around the nozzle. This feature allows INSPECT to perform ALL the nozzle calculations required ensuring that both the tmin and area replacement rules are considered.

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Nozzle corrosion can be accurately described and assessed by INSPECT

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