Codeware 2023 Software Enhancements

COMPRESS 2023 Pressure vessel design software New features include: Q-lip Nozzles Fatigue Screening ASCE 7-22 Cladding B16.9 Tees as Shell Components COMPRESS 2023 includes ASME VIII-2/Appendix 46 fatigue screening as a standard feature INSPECT 2023 Fitness-for-service software Additional features [...]

Codeware 2023 Software Enhancements2023-06-14T09:19:11-04:00

Latest COMPRESS, INSPECT, and Shopfloor Updates

Recent Enhancements to Codeware's Software Suite We are pleased to announce that updates to our software suite are now available.  Exciting new capabilities include: INSPECT - API 579 Fitness-for-Service Part 9 Level 2 Cracks Part 13 Level 1 and 2 laminations Part 14 Fatigue Assessments Part 3, 4, 5, [...]

Latest COMPRESS, INSPECT, and Shopfloor Updates2021-10-25T10:43:01-04:00

WPS Applicability Checks and Weld Map Drawings in Shopfloor

July 6, 2020 - We're pleased to announce that the Shopfloor 2020 update has been released. Major new features include: Forms customization using templates Weld map drawing generation (SOLIDWORKS integration) WPS Applicability Check If your weld procedure software doesn't offer weld maps, it's time to [...]

WPS Applicability Checks and Weld Map Drawings in Shopfloor2023-05-23T12:45:40-04:00

The Shopfloor Document Turnover Package

Does it take you longer than it should to prepare document turnover packages for customers? With Shopfloor, you can drastically cut the time it takes to prepare a fabrication document turnover package. This short video will show you how Shopfloor automates the turnover package generation process and allows you to offer them to your [...]

The Shopfloor Document Turnover Package2020-03-21T07:46:11-04:00

AWS D1.1 – Structural Steel Welding

Shopfloor includes weld forms and Code checks that comply with the AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Welding Code.  A notable feature is that full support for money saving AWS D1.1 pre-qualified welding forms is provided.  For more information please see the video below: To see how Codeware's suite of products can [...]

AWS D1.1 – Structural Steel Welding2022-10-06T10:11:29-04:00

ASME IX Code Compliance and Brazing Rules in Shopfloor

We're pleased to announce that Shopfloor 2020 has been released. Major new features include: Compliance with the 2019 Edition of ASME IX ASME IX brazing rules have been added AWS Forms Please watch the video below to see these new features in action. Download Video (.wmv 11MB) [...]

ASME IX Code Compliance and Brazing Rules in Shopfloor2023-05-23T12:56:37-04:00

Shopfloor – Generating Manufacturer’s Data Reports

Shopfloor features integration with COMPRESS. Pressure vessels and heat exchangers designed using COMPRESS can be imported directly into Shopfloor saving time and reducing errors. In addition to assigning WPS's and welders to the various joints, Shopfloor creates Manufacturers's Data Reports (U Forms). Download Video (50 MB) To see how [...]

Shopfloor – Generating Manufacturer’s Data Reports2023-03-28T11:15:11-04:00

Shopfloor Email Notifications

Shopfloor Email Notifications Email continuity alerts should be a standard feature of your welding software.  If your current software provider charges extra for this or you're simply not satisfied with the service they provide it's time to explore the many benefits of Shopfloor. Shopfloor makes tracking welders easy with: Weld log updates for individual or multiple [...]

Shopfloor Email Notifications2019-04-02T11:45:22-04:00
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