Shopfloor – Generating Equipment and Data Reports

COMPRESS integrates with Shopfloor by using a COMPRESS Solid Model Export (XML3D) to create a Shopfloor Equipment and U-1 Form. Download Video (25 MB) To see how Codeware's suite of products can benefit your organization we invite you to contact us today.

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Shopfloor Email Notifications

Shopfloor Email Notifications Email continuity alerts should be a standard feature of your welding software.  If your current software provider charges extra for this or you're simply not satisfied with the service they provide it's time to explore the many benefits of Shopfloor. Shopfloor makes tracking welders easy with: Weld log updates for individual or multiple [...]

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Defaults, Options & Preferences

Setting Shopfloor Defaults and Preferences Shopfloor helps you organize equipment (vessel) fabrication by associating it with a job (order) and assigning that job to a shop (location).  In addition, a company in Shopfloor can have one or more shop locations. As explained in this tutorial, Shopfloor includes options for setting up [...]

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Shopfloor – Welder Continuity

Maintaining Welder Procedure Qualifications (WPQ) Shopfloor simplifies the task of creating and tracking WPQ forms and maintaining welder qualifications (continuity). Shopfloor's weld log tracks continuity and helps prevent welder expirations and costly re-qualifications. This tutorial video shows you how to set up a new welder and use Shopfloor's WPQ management tools. [...]

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Shopfloor Tutorial – Adding a Welder

How to Add a New Welder in Shopfloor Shopfloor provides the ability to easily set up new employees and grant them the appropriate level of system access. Shopfloor's administrative access control permits users having "Employee Edit" access to modify access settings for any other user. Shopfloor also includes a special "Welder Access" [...]

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COMPRESS, Shopfloor and INSPECT 2019

December 13, 2018 - We are pleased to announce that updates to our software suite are now available. Exciting new capabilities for 2019 include: COMPRESS - Pressure Vessel Design Air-cooled heat exchangers per Appendix 13 & API 661 ASME PCC-1 flange assembly bolt stress A productivity enhancing [...]

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Shopfloor 2018 Released

We're pleased to announce that Shopfloor 2018 now includes the 2017 Edition of the ASME IX BPVC. Other recent enhancements to our cloud-based welding procedure software include: A Shop Traveler feature for tracking tasks or items that need to be reviewed and approved by your Authorized Inspector (AI) or customer. The [...]

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Shopfloor Software Launched!

Shopfloor Software Launched! ASME IX Fabrication Management System We are pleased to announce the launch of Codeware Shopfloor®, an online software platform that seamlessly coordinates the activities of engineering, quality control and drafting departments while ensuring ASME Section IX code compliance. Shopfloor is a Native Cloud Application (NCA) that offers the latest in data [...]

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Register for ASME IX Welding Webinar

Webinar - Manage Weld Forms and WeldersRegister for the Codeware Shopfloor Webinar We invite you to join Codeware's Engineering Manager Matt Heilandt, P.Eng on Thursday, May 18 at 3 pm EDT to see how Codeware Shopfloor helps you to better manage weld forms and welders.REGISTER NOW (free)In this webinar we'll show you how to: Create [...]

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