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Codeware was founded in 1983 in Ontario, Canada. We opened our first U.S. office in 1993. We currently have offices in Sarasota, Florida and Austin, Texas. Codeware's founder, Les M. Bildy, P. Eng., has served as President since 1983.

ASME Section VIII Division 2 Class 1 Vessels

New in ASME VIII-2: Class 1 Vessels The recently introduced ASME Class 1 designation provides a way to specify and build vessels that are more economical than those produced using traditional Division 1 rules. Advantages of Class 1 over Division 1 include: Modern, more accurate design equations Higher allowable stresses [...]

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Code Case 2901 – External Loads on Flanges

COMPRESS software simplifies ASME Flange Design Do you need a way to combine pressure plus external loads when designing pressure vessel flanges?  ASME Code Case 2901 provides a new method to help solve this problem.  COMPRESS implements this recent Code Case and helps you to: Meet client specifications Obtain more economical flange ratings Satisfy ASME Code [...]

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COMPRESS 2018 Build 7820 Is Here!

Save time and money with COMPRESS COMPRESS time and money saving features now include: ASME® Code Case 2901 for better flange pressure ratings Stand alone tube bundles to reduce data entry Built-in B16.20/16.21 standard gasket dimensions If you need to renew your COMPRESS support or want to explore [...]

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INSPECT 2018 Build 7820 is Here!

API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1 Fitness-For-Service Software INSPECT mechanical integrity additions for this release include: Data logger integration Modeling of tank bottoms with non-circular annular plates Tracking repair/patch plates over time Download INSPECT 2018 Build 7820 from the Support Center today.

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COMPRESS, Productivity and the Other Guys

Let's face it - software packages like COMPRESS exist to increase productivity and save valuable Engineering hours. There are many complex items involved when selecting a pressure vessel design software so the purpose here is to break it down into a more manageable task. In our estimation, there are two general [...]

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2018 COMPRESS & INSPECT Training

Codeware is pleased to announce the 2018 training courses offered by Becht Engineering.  Early Bird Pricing is Available! Reserve your spot today! COMPRESS Courses Location Date ASME VIII-1 Design Orlando, FL Mar 19-Mar 23 ASME VIII-1 Design Chicago, IL May 21-May 25 ASME VIII-1 Design Calgary, AB Sep 10-Sep 14 ASME VIII-1 [...]

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Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) Creation

How to Create a WPS in Shopfloor® A Welding Procedure Specification or WPS is a document that contains welder instructions on how to make a particular weld. It describes all the essential, non-essential, and for impact tested materials, supplementary essential variables required to perform this task. Non-essential variables are those variables that do [...]

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