Generate Pressure Vessel Cost Estimates

The COSTER Excel® add-in imports files from COMPRESS or INSPECT and creates user customizable pressure vessel cost estimates in spreadsheet format. COSTER helps fabricators quickly create consistent, accurate quotations. COSTER benefits pressure vessel Owner/Operators by providing Process Engineers with budget prices for new equipment and Maintenance Departments with replacement equipment costs. When used with the COMPRESS Division 2 option, COSTER can help quickly determine if Division 2 is more cost efficient for your application than Division 1 as well.

COSTER organizes equipment into purchased and fabricated components and groups identical pieces into convenient spreadsheet lists. It estimates labor using a cost factor system that can be adjusted to suit a variety of shop fabrication practices. COSTER is included with each current license of COMPRESS or INSPECT at no additional charge.

COSTER creates Excel spreadsheet based pressure vessel cost estimates from COMPRESS or INSPECT designs


  • Generates costed bills of materials by creating interactive Excel spreadsheets

  • Creates and costs nozzle cut lists broken down by pipe size and length

  • Has an option for cylinders purchased rolled or fully fabricated in house

  • Creates tube bend schedules and costs heat exchanger tube bundles

  • Calculates longitudinal and circumferential seam weld lengths

  • Accounts for purchased flanges, gaskets, studs or bolts, washers and nuts

  • Considers impact tested material, PWHT, x-ray and hydrogen service steel costs

  • Displays components as individual items or grouped into assemblies

  • Provides standard pressure vessel cost estimating functionality that is not available from other pressure vessel software packages

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