Forms, Processes and Codes Subscription
Supports your existing form layouts through the use of customizable form templates
ASME IX weld forms include PQR, pWPS, WPS, SWPS, WPQ, WOPQ
AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.3 with full support for prequalified welding procedure creation
Code checks performed as weld forms are created
Filler and base metals databases built-in
Typical welding processes supported:  GTAW, GMAW, SAW, SMAW, FCAW, Brazing
Supports Tubesheet Mockups per QW-193, QW-288
Supports multiple processes per WPS and WPQ
National Board forms supported:  R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4
ASME I forms supported:  P-2, P-2A, P-2B, P-3, P-3A, P-4, P-4A, P-4B, P-5, P-6, P-7, P-8
ASME IV forms supported:  H-2, H-3, H-4, H-5, H-6, HA-1, HA-2, HC-1, HC-2, HLW-6, HLW-7, HLW-8
ASME VIII-1 forms supported:  U-1, U-1A, U-2, U-2A, U-3A, U-4, U-5
ASME VIII-2 forms supported:  A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4
ASME PCC-1 Bolter forms supported
Supports electronic signatures
Custom joint types and sketches
Includes tube to tubesheet joints
Multiple comment areas per form
Handles corrosion-resistant, hard-facing and hard-facing spray fuse overlay weld procedures
WPS forms can reference multiple PQR’s
Logs, Alerts and Reports Subscription
Tracks welder continuity and sends email alerts for pending and expired welder qualifications
Message center that brings important items to your attention when logging on
Welder summary reports include continuity, expiration, stamp and Common ARC
Individual welder reports include history, expiration inspection, qualification maintenance, inspection defect percentage, personal information and performance qualification test record
Weld reports include repair and National Board® logs
Form reports include PQR, WPS and WPQ listings
Electronic submission of National Board Manufacturer’s Data Report forms
Comprehensive weld logs that can be searched and filtered by welder, job and weld date
Track and report the welds performed by each welder
Automatic weld map and NDE inspection drawing creation
A Shop Traveler document for tracking tasks or items that need to be reviewed by your AI or customer
Material trace numbers can be specified for each vessel component
MTR’s can be uploaded to Shopfloor once, and then referenced on multiple record types (e.g. jobs/equipment)
Alerts for pending PQR expiration dates (Canada)
Productivity Subscription 
Fastest, most responsive cloud program on the market
Bulk welder continuity to perform continuity updates on large groups of welders
Imports COMPRESS and INSPECT pressure vessel and heat exchanger designs
Scans existing forms to determine if additional welder or procedure qualifications are required
Assists in selecting the right procedures and welders for the job
Unlimited data storage available for uploading any job-related external documents
When used with the Codeware Interface, WPS numbers placed on drawings automatically
Powerful online search and filtering options locate documents quickly
Recycle bin feature
One-click document deliverables at project completion
Cloud-based replacement for binder and paper ASME IX quality control systems
Available weld procedure setup service speeds system implementation
Manages welding documents and pressure vessel data reports in one integrated system
Custom table layouts allows columns to be added, deleted or re-ordered
Reduce data entry during WPQ creation by importing WPS information
Project Management Subscription
Organize jobs by customer and fabrication location
Supports multiple fabrication shop locations
Tracks both on and off-site welders, jobs and contractors
Manage NDE and hydrotest inspection hold points
Customizable shop practices and capabilities defined per fabrication location
Access Shopfloor from anywhere on any internet browser
Secure, administrator managed data storage includes document revision control and real-time data back-up
Native cloud-based system that does not require MS SQL Server or Remote Desktop
Base price includes multiple user logins with administrator defined permissions
The Shop Traveler feature tracks Authorized Inspector and Customer approvals
Base price includes tracking of up to 50 welders and employees. Additional employee data storage available as needed.

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