API 579-1 Additions to INSPECT 7710

INSPECT 7710 New Features Include: Part 12 Dents & Gouges API 579-1 Part 12 calculations for dents, gouges and dent-gouge combinations are now available. API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 2016 INSPECT now includes the 2016 revisions and updates to API 579-1. Fitness-for-service (FFS) remaining life calculations have also been added. Flaws on ASME B16.9 [...]

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What’s New in INSPECT 2017 Webinar

In this webinar, Codeware's Engineering Manager Matt Heilandt, P.Eng. covers topics on: GUI changes Extended B31.3 Document - Process Piping Addition of New Documents (B31.4 Piping, API 653 Storage Tanks, Process System) PCF file import New API 579 Edition Webinar Reference Material Webinar Q&A [...]

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Webinar – API 579 Fitness for Service Using INSPECT

Do you need to quickly evaluate whether or not it's acceptable to continue running fixed equipment once a damage mechanism has been identified? In this webinar, Codeware's Engineering Manager Matt Heilandt, P.Eng. shows you how Codeware's INSPECT software can help you perform Fitness-For-Service (FFS) analysis on your vessels, exchangers and piping. During [...]

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Webinar – Meeting National Board Requirements with INSPECT

A brief overview of COMPRESS and INSPECT NBIC considerations - Re-rating or Relocating Equipment Design Margins Matter! - History of ASME Allowable Stress Re-rating Equipment Using INSPECT: NBIC Interpretation 98-14 Brittle Fracture and MDMT Inspection Schedules for Corrosion Benefits of Modeling Longitudinal Welds Webinar Reference Material Handouts from Webinar [...]

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What’s New in INSPECT 2015, Build 7510

New features in INSPECT 2015, Build 7510 include: API 579 FFS analysis for ASME B31.3 piping ASME B16.9 elbows Enhanced appearance for the user interface View All New Features » We’ve also upgraded the included Codeware Interface add-in for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor. With this [...]

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What’s New In 2015 Summer Releases

Our Summer Releases Are Here! Find out how Codeware's enhanced software suite can streamline ASME VIII design, manage inspection activities and make drawing creation easy. COMPRESS® 2015 Build 7510 ASME VIII Vessel and Exchanger Design Software Highlights include: ASME B16.9 elbows TEMA 9th Ed. FEA [...]

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INSPECT Software Overview

INSPECT Software Overview INSPECT is an inspection data management, scheduling and fitness-for-service tool for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping and tanks. INSPECT: Tracks thickness surveys Generates inspection schedules Performs API 579-1 fitness-for-service assessments Produces required inspection reports The equipment’s governing condition monitoring location (CML) [...]

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What’s New in INSPECT 2015

INSPECT 2015 includes API 579 Fitness-for-Service Level 1 and 2 assessments for: Part 3 – Brittle Fracture (prerequisite for Part 5 and 6) Part 4 – General Metal Loss Part 5 – Local Metal Loss (includes groove-like flaws) Part 6 – Pitting Corrosion INSPECT 2015 also addresses supplemental loads for Part 5 and [...]

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Vessel Data Charts and Process Loops

The INSPECT project feature allows equipment to be grouped and managed as process loops. This video shows how INSPECT can create custom vessel data charts that summarize a process loop's governing condition monitoring location (CML), remaining life and required inspection date. Having trouble viewing this video? Download video (.mov 19MB) [...]

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