Create Drawings Automatically With The Codeware Interface®

The Codeware Interface (CWI) saves time and reduces errors by quickly generating SOLIDWORKS® or Inventor® pressure vessel solid models and drawings from COMPRESS and INSPECT designs. The CWI is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS or Inventor and is supplied at no extra cost to Codeware clients. It manages the data associated with the imported design files through the use of iProperties (Inventor) or Custom Properties (SOLIDWORKS).

COMPRESS comes with Drafter 3D for creating heat exchanger and pressure vessel drawings automatically

Detailed Pressure Vessel Drawings

Pressure Vessel in COMPRESSIsometric view of pressure vessel generated automatically by the Codeware Interface.

Automated Drawing from Exported COMPRESS Model

Detailed Heat Exchanger Drawings

Automated Drawing from Exported Heat Exchanger Model Designed in COMPRESS

Codeware Interface Drawing Options

  • General Arrangement

Efficiently create and customize front, side and isometric views of your vessels.  The front and side views include attachment angle, ordinate, length along with height/width dimensions.

  • Heat Exchanger Drawings

Customizable heat exchanger drawings include bundle, channels and tubesheets.  Applicable height, width, thickness and tube layout dimensions are available for automatic application.

  • Custom Flanges (Appendix 2 Designs)

Custom flange detail drawings automatically include the component identifier and dimensions.

  • Nozzle Detail Drawings

Nozzle drawings automatically include details such as weld symbols and dimensions. When used in combination with Shopfloor, WPS numbers and notes are shown.

  • Drawing options include specifying the drawing order along with specifying component drawing marks for the General Arrangement Drawing.
  • General arrangement drawing layout and dimension options can be enabled/disabled through this dialog.
  • COMPRESS includes the Codeware Interface which automatically generates tube bundle and other detail drawings
  • The automated channels drawing has available dimensions that include Angle, Height/Width, Length and ordinate.
  • Dimensions related to the tube layout along with a Tubesheet Data Table can be enabled/disabled.
  • Automated Saddles drawing include a front, side, and web plate view can be placed with corresponding dimensions.
  • Information like the WPS note, weld symbols, and dimensions can be enabled/disabled.

Featured Codeware Interface Capabilities

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