Smarter Pressure Vessel Software

COMPRESS saves companies time and money by helping engineers efficiently design and rate ASME® VIII pressure vessels and heat exchangers.

Benefits include industry-standard ASME calculation reports, no additional charge pressure vessel FEA, automatic drawings and cost estimating as well as the best engineering support services in our industry.

  • COMPRESS 2020 includes an Advanced Report Formatting option
  • INSPECT 2020 adds Mininimum Safe Operating Temperature curves
  • API 579-1 Part 6 Pitting assessment in INSPECT
  • INSPECT Includes API 653 Storage Tank Evaluations, Inspection Data Management and Reports
  • 3D pressure equipment layout in INSPECT speeds navigation and data entry
  • An INSPECT ASME B31.3 pipe section showing multiple API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 flaw types


Easy to Use API 579-1 FFS Software

INSPECT is a mechanical integrity solution that combines Fitness-For-Service and inspection data management into one integrated 3D software platform. INSPECT helps companies safely extend equipment remaining life and reduce regulatory compliance risk. It documents undocumented pressure vessels and assists Engineers make run, re-rate, repair or replace decisions for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, piping and storage tanks.

INSPECT replaces multiple software packages from different vendors with a single user interface that organizes your facility’s pressure equipment into intuitive and efficient 3D models. When it becomes necessary to repair your pressure equipment, INSPECT’s integration with Shopfloor simplifies that process too.


ASME IX and AWS D1.1 Welding Management Software

Track weld forms, customers, jobs, work locations, welders, bolters and more using Shopfloor’s welding management system. Shopfloor completely replaces paper based systems and bridges the gaps between your Engineering, Drafting and Quality Control departments.

Shopfloor simplifies welding management and helps fabricators avoid auditor “gotchas”. It features integration with COMPRESS created pressure vessels and heat exchangers as well.  The sharing of WPS information between Shopfloor and COMPRESS results in time savings and fewer errors. Shopfloor is a web based welding documentation software application that allows unlimited user access while providing the latest in data management, access, and security.

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