Leverage the Power of SOLIDWORKS® and Inventor® with the Codeware Interface®

The Codeware Interface (CWI) is an add-in that loads Codeware designs into Inventor or SOLIDWORKS. It manages equipment data associated with the imported solid models through the use of iProperties (Inventor) or Custom Properties (SOLIDWORKS).

Drafter 3D, added to the CWI for Build 7700, can auto-generate 2D pressure vessel and heat exchanger drawings. The CWI also supports the use of advanced solid modeling techniques such as Assembly Representations , Assembly Configurations , Features, Sketches and Sheetmetal. CWI support for Mates and management of change (MOC) is scheduled for release in 2017.

An ASME Compliant SOLIDWORKS Heat Exchanger Solid Model Imported From COMPRESS

The CWI – Solid Modeling + 2D Drawings

The CWI imports COMPRESS designs into Inventor and is included at no additional cost.