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COMPRESS pressure vessel software provides interactive guidance while performing ASME calculations
COMPRESS pressure vessel software designs can be imported into SOLIDWORKS and Inventor via the Codeware Interface

Support for FEA Practitioners

  • COMPRESS comes standard with integrated pressure vessel FEA – it’s not an extra cost option. The FEA engine used by COMPRESS has been licensed from Paulin Research Group (PRG), a leading authority in the field of pressure vessel and piping stress analysis.

  • The COMPRESS heat exchanger option includes a TEMA 9th Edition compliant flexible shell element FEA calculation. In addition to being a TEMA requirement, FEA provides a more accurate expansion joint spring rate and stress calculation than traditional closed form solutions.
More on Finite Element Analysis in COMPRESS
Nozzle Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is included at no additional charge
Drafter 3D creates drawings from COMPRESS designs and is included with the CWI at no additional cost.

Create Engineering Drawings Automatically

More on 3D CAD Integration

Meet Your Client’s FFS Needs

  • Older equipment often lacks required PSM documentation such as design calculations and drawings. INSPECT can quickly create detailed RAGAGEP documentation to bring undocumented vessels into compliance.

  • INSPECT’s unique 3D graphics provide visual confirmation that the equipment and the damage have been correctly modeled. INSPECT’s detailed calculation reports let you verify the supporting calculations before presenting them to your clients.

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INSPECT Features API 579-1 Fitness-For-Service (FFS), 3D Plant Modeling, Pressure Vessel Re-rating and Inspection Data Management (IDMS)

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