Quickly Find the AWS Standard Welding Procedure You Need

Developing and testing new welding procedures is costly and time consuming.  The American Welding Society (AWS) has created a number of inexpensive Standard Welding Procedures (SWPS) to address this.  The question is “does one of these standard procedures apply to my weld”?

Codeware has partnered with the AWS to provide an App to quickly answer this question. With our AWS LookUp App you can:

  • Search the entire AWS SWPS database
  • See which SWPS’s comply with ASME IX
  • Purchase and download SWPS’s
  • Directly load purchased SWPS’s into Shopfloor with no manual data entry

Standard Welding Procedures Categorized by Application

For your convenience, the AWS LookUp App categorizes Standard Welding Procedures SWPS into various groups including:

AWS Standard Welding Procedures SWPS

Advanced AWS SWPS Welded Joint Search

Set your joint description parameters by Code, units, and joint type.  Then interactively select the joint to view the matching AWS SWPS.  You can also specify base metals by product form, specification, type/grade, thickness, and outer diameter.

Integrate Your AWS SWPS with Shopfloor

Shopfloor is a cloud-based welding procedure software system.  It simplifies the creation and management of welding procedures and other project related information.  With Shopfloor, all your QC documentation is available from within one platform.  Shopfloor helps prevent issues like welding procedure duplication and welder qualifications expiring because of a lack of advance notice.  Shopfloor includes features such as:

Shopfloor - ASME IX and AWS Welding Procedure software
American Welding Society (AWS) Partnership With Codeware

AWS Partnership

Codeware and the American Welding Society have partnered to distribute AWS Standard Welding Procedure Specifications (SWPS) to end-users and welders.

Find and purchase the right AWS B2.1 Standard Welding Procedure for your job through Codeware’s advanced AWS LookUp App.  Then let Shopfloor automatically integrate that Welding Procedure into your Welding Management and Quality Assurance workflows.


Do you need ASME IX and AWS Welding Procedure Software?