COMPRESS Support and Updates

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COMPRESS Support and Update Service

Subscribing to the COMPRESS Support and Update Service provides exclusive access to software updates, automatic drawing generation, our online Support Center as well as the Codeware Engineering Support Team.

We include 12 months of support and updates with each new license purchase. After the first year, you need only pay the annual support fee to keep your license current and your support account active.

Keeping Your COMPRESS License Current

In addition to Codeware Technical Support, keeping your COMPRESS license current avoids license reactivation fees and provides uninterrupted access to the following valuable features:

  • Design equipment to the latest Edition of the ASME VIII BPVC

  • Produce pressure vessel and heat exchanger drawings

  • Productivity enhancements, additional calculations and new features

  • COMPRESS integration with Codeware’s latest offering, Shopfloor

  • The latest pressure vessel FEA additions
Renew my COMPRESS License Now
COMPRESS support includes the CWI with its automatic drawings feature. Many features such as this are not present in old Codeware software like COMPRESS 6258 or COMPRESS 6259.
COMPRESS support includes automatic drawing creation. Also, files created by unlicensed COMPRESS 6258 or COMPRESS 6259 cannot be loaded by legitimate COMPRESS software.

COMPRESS Support Service

We offer live (email and phone) and web-based support to help you get the detailed answers you need when you need them.

COMPRESS Software Update Service

Updates can be conveniently installed using the Automatic Update feature within the software or downloaded from the Support Center.

Why Upgrade From COMPRESS 6258 or COMPRESS 6259?

Valuable features like the latest ASME Codes, nozzle copy\paste, automatic drawings and shipping saddles are not available if you’re using old Codeware releases such as COMPRESS 6258 or COMPRESS 6259. Also, files created using unlicensed COMPRESS cannot be loaded by legitimate COMPRESS software licenses. Boost your productivity and protect your company’s reputation by upgrading from COMPRESS 6258 today!