INSPECT Data Logger Integration

How much time would you save and how many errors would you avoid if you could access your data logger’s grids and thickness surveys directly from your Fitness-for-Service software? INSPECT’s data logger integration makes setting up and retrieving inspection grids from thickness gages fast and easy. INSPECT’s unique 3D flaw modeling and data logger integration simplify the API 579-1 flaw assessment workflow to:

  • The engineer models the equipment and creates the inspection grid using INSPECT. A copy of the reference grid can be printed out at this time if desired.

  • Upload the FFS grid or inspection points (CML’s) to your thickness gage from INSPECT.

  • The inspector takes the thickness readings.

  • INSPECT reads the thickness survey measurements directly from your gage.

  • The engineer now uses INSPECT to perform the required API 579-1 FFS assessment or API 510/570/653 analysis to determine remaining life, inspection schedules etc.

INSPECT's data logger integration makes setting up and retrieving FFS inspection measurements from thickness gages fast and easy

Data Logger and Flaw Assessment Demonstration Using INSPECT

In this brief video, Codeware’s General Manager, Matt Heilandt P. Eng., illustrates the use of INSPECT’s thickness gage integration by performing an API 579-1 Part 5 local metal loss flaw assessment on a pipe elbow.

INSPECT Featured Capabilities