Finite Element Analysis in COMPRESS

The COMPRESS heat exchanger option now includes built-in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for TEMA Flanged and Flued Expansion joints. Developed from the ground up by Codeware, the FEA engine provides seamless integration with our COMPRESS and INSPECT platforms. Once the expansion joint is modeled, running FEA is a simple click of a button. All meshing, boundary conditions, and required load cases are run automatically. Our FEA engine takes full advantage of your hardware’s abilities which substantially reduces model runtime when compared to conventional general purpose FEA solutions.

FEA Governing Loading Condition in COMPRESS

Finite Element Analysis Reports

The FEA output report details all the assumptions made and provides full calculation reports with images to support designs and justify the results.  3rd party software is no longer needed to design expansion joints and reducing transcription errors and hours.

FEA summary report created by COMPRESS
Reports include Interactive FEA models
FEA based UHX-16 Displacement Report in COMPRESS

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