Save Time With Design Mode

  • In Design Mode component required and nominal thicknesses are re-evaluated during the modeling process and updated as necessary to reflect all ASME Code dependencies. This is done because most components including heads, shells, nozzles, vacuum stiffeners and supports are dependent on each other and generally cannot be sized in isolation.

  • Guidance is provided while creating or editing pressure vessel components. For example, design mode includes interactive nozzle detailing that meets UG-37 reinforcement, UG-45 minimum thickness and UW-16 weld sizing requirements.

  • Optimum shell thicknesses are automatically selected along the height of the tower\vertical vessel based on combined loads and deflection limits.

  • Design mode automatically limits tower deflection per end user’s design specifications.

  • The vessel’s minimum design metal temperature (MDMT) is determined per the rules of UCS-66 or UHA-51 as appropriate.

  • Warnings and good engineering practice reminders are presented as appropriate.

COMPRESS Pressure Vessel Design Highlights

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