Quickly Generate Detailed FFS Reports

Do your current Fitness-For-Service (FFS) reports leave you wondering how the answers were calculated?  Are you spending too much time creating FFS reports?  INSPECT will save you time by producing audit ready reports with a single button click. In this video we show you how easy it is to create detailed API 579-1 documentation [...]

Quickly Generate Detailed FFS Reports2020-01-03T15:27:13-05:00

Quick Design and FEA

Do you want to streamline your workflow? With COMPRESS you will save Engineering hours by eliminating tasks such as compiling final reports, determining MDMT chart assignments or calculating hillside nozzle intersections. Features like our Quick Design Mode, Built-in FEA, detailed reporting, Solid Model support for SOLIDWORKS and Inventor [...]

Quick Design and FEA2019-08-22T12:55:25-04:00

Designing & Costing a Vertical Heat Exchanger in COMPRESS

Is designing and estimating a heat exchanger consuming a lot of your time? COMPRESS makes it easy to design and cost a heat exchanger with: Bidirectional interface that imports and exports your HTRI files COSTER for consistent and accurate quotations Covers API 660 nozzle loadings along with WRC [...]

Designing & Costing a Vertical Heat Exchanger in COMPRESS2019-07-23T14:39:35-04:00

What’s New in Codeware Interface 2019

The Codeware Interface add-on is bundled with every COMPRESS and INSPECT license. New features for 2019 include: Nozzle section cuts for accurate shell roll-outs Fully customizable BOM descriptions Importation of INSPECT piping solid models To see how Codeware's suite of products can benefit your organization we [...]

What’s New in Codeware Interface 20192019-07-23T14:40:52-04:00

ASME VIII-2 (Division 2) Class 1 Vessels

New in ASME VIII-2: Class 1 Vessels The recently introduced ASME VIII-2 Class 1 designation provides a way to specify and build vessels that are more economical than those produced using traditional Division 1 rules. Advantages of Class 1 over Division 1 include: Modern, more accurate design equations [...]

ASME VIII-2 (Division 2) Class 1 Vessels2019-07-23T14:42:06-04:00

ASME UG-44 – External Loads on Flanges

External Flange Loads and ASME UG-44 (Formerly Code Case 2901) Do you need a way to combine pressure and external loads when designing pressure vessel flanges?  With the release of the 2019 Edition of the ASME Code, Code Case 2901 has been moved into UG-44, a mandatory Code paragraph.  Applying this recent Code [...]

ASME UG-44 – External Loads on Flanges2019-12-16T10:00:06-05:00
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