External Flange Loads and ASME Code Case 2901

Do you need a way to combine pressure and external loads when designing pressure vessel flanges?  ASME Code Case 2901 provides a new method to help solve this problem.  Applying this recent Code Case helps you to:

  • Meet updated client specifications that call for the new Code Case.

  • Obtain less conservative (more economical) B16.5/B16.47 flange ratings.

  • Satisfy Code requirements. See UG-22 and Code Interpretation BPV VIII-1-16-85.

The latest COMPRESS and INSPECT releases implement this Code Case. To see how to activate it from within the software, please see this short Video Tutorial:

Code Case 2901 Video

If your current software does not include Code Case 2901 or it’s been years since you updated COMPRESS, it’s time to explore the many benefits of COMPRESS 2019. To find out how Codeware’s software suite can benefit your company contact us by clicking on this link or call us today at 941-927-2670.