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Pressure Vessel Calculations, Codes and UG-22

Pressure Vessel Calculations and UG-22 Many of the pressure vessel calculations needed to properly design a vessel or exchanger are not, by design, contained in the ASME VIII BPVC itself. To produce a complete set of pressure vessel calculations and meet ASME VIII, Paragraph UG-22, a number of additional engineering references are needed. [...]

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Design for Piping Loads With COMPRESS

Vessel and exchanger specifications such as API-660 routinely require that minimum assumed piping loads on nozzles be considered. COMPRESS covers this by including both WRC-107/537 and FEA analysis at no additional charge. With COMPRESS you can quickly transfer your WRC-107/537 nozzle loads to our built-in FEA engine within one dialog. COMPRESS produces professional PDF [...]

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Webinar – What’s New in COMPRESS 2016, Build 7600

COMPRESS 2016, Build 7600 highlights include: 2015 ASME Code (Div. 1 and Div. 2) Adding UG-34 bolted covers to B16.5/B16.47 flanges Specify nozzle service and vessel tag Add B16.9 elbows to nozzles Analyze TEMA 9th Edition expansion joints with FEA Bill of materials (BOM) report View [...]

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What’s New in COMPRESS 2014 Build 7400

COMPRESS 2014 Build 7400 includes the 2013 ASME Code rules, an updated forms feature, the IBC 2012 Codes and a revised version of the WRC-107 bulletin now referenced as WRC-537. To get access to more recent ASME Code Editions, time saving feature enhancements and bug fixes we recommend users update their software [...]

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Check Nozzle Loads With WRC 537, WRC 107

Check Piping Loads Using WRC 107, WRC 537 Having trouble viewing this video? Download video (.wmv 4MB) Process piping imposes external loads on vessel and exchanger nozzles that must be accounted for (see ASME VIII-1, UG-22).  Stresses on pressure vessel nozzles and attachments have historically [...]

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