Multiple ASME Section VIII Code Editions

>>Multiple Addenda

Multiple ASME Editions and Addenda (1995 – present) are available within COMPRESS to enable fabricators to easily update older designs to be compliant with the latest rules (ideal when providing re-order/replacement designs). To ensure the integrity of the result, only material properties specific to the chosen Addenda are available for selection.

This feature enables you to:

  • Work on projects spanning multiple years without needing multiple software versions installed. Design and re-rate equipment to different Addenda (1995 to present) from within the same COMPRESS release.
  • Easily update older designs to be compliant with the latest ASME Edition (ideal when providing re-order/replacement designs).
  • Use the same COMPRESS version throughout your entire company. Take advantage of recent enhancements, like Longitudinal Seam Placement and Rigging Analysis, while still maintaining access to older Codes.

Feature Details

Once you’ve set the Addenda/Edition (single switch) everything else follows automatically. You do not need to remember to change several settings. Based on your selection COMPRESS automatically applies:

  1. The Edition/Addenda’s Code rules.
  2. The allowable stresses from the corresponding Edition of Section II Part D (design factors change over time).
  3. The ASME B16.5 and B16.47 flange materials and pressure ratings from the Edition specified in Table U-3 of Section VIII, Division 1 (materials and pressure ratings often vary slightly between Editions).

In Design Mode, if any design changes are needed to keep your equipment in Code compliance, COMPRESS automatically makes the necessary adjustments (such as increasing the nominal thickness). In Rating Mode no design adjustments are made but design deficiencies are noted.

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