ASME VIII-1 Appendix 46

Using Division 2 Rules With Division 1 Allowable Stresses

COMPRESS implements ASME Appendix 46 calculations as a standard feature.  In ASME Code Editions before 2019 these provisions were covered by Code Case 2695 (CC 2695).  Selecting this option directs COMPRESS to use ASME VIII-2, Part 4 (Division 2) equations with ASME VIII-1 (Division 1) allowable stresses.  Appendix 46 often produces more economical Division 1 pressure vessel designs due to the increased accuracy provided by the Division 2 design by rule equations.  In the short video below we illustrate the economic benefits of using CC 2695 for a typical nozzle on a formed head.  The option switch to activate Appendix 46 is located in the Codes\ASME dialog.

COMPRESS has the ability to specify that Appendix 46 be applied to entire vessels or individual components.  This provides more design options as the parent component and other nozzles located on the parent component may remain under Division 1 design.  Fatigue Assessments per Part are available as well.

For even more flexability, the COMPRESS Division 2 option supports Class 1 pressure vessel designs which can produce more economical vessels than Division 1 many cases.