ASME Code Case 2695 – Economical Pressure Vessel Design

>>ASME Code Case 2695 – Economical Pressure Vessel Design

ASME Code Case 2695

Using Division 2 Rules With Division 1 Allowable Stresses

COMPRESS and INSPECT include an option to use the provisions of ASME Code Case 2695 (CC 2695). This option directs COMPRESS and INSPECT to use Division 2 design by rule equations from Part 4 with ASME VIII-1 (Division 1) allowable stresses. CC 2695 often produces more economical Division 1 pressure vessel designs due to the increased accuracy provided by the Division 2 design by rule equations. In this short video we illustrate the economic benefits of using CC 2695 for a typical nozzle on a formed head.

Beginning with COMPRESS and INSPECT 2018, Code Case 2695 may now be activated for individual nozzles. This provides more flexibility in your designs as the parent component and other nozzles located on the parent component may now remain under Division 1 design. Note also that the 2017 Edition of ASME VIII-2 (Division 2) includes a new Class 1 pressure vessel designation which can produce even more economical vessels than CC 2695.

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