Perform FEA on Nozzles

Welding Research Council Bulletins WRC-107 and WRC-297 are widely used by Engineers to investigate piping (and other) loads on nozzles within COMPRESS. However, what should you do if you have geometries that the WRC Bulletins do not cover such as “large” nozzles on formed heads or nozzles on flat covers?

COMPRESS overcomes the WRC Bulletins’ limitations by including a finite element analysis (FEA) tool for nozzles. By using the FEA tool within COMPRESS you are able to:

  • Produce a U-2(g) compliant design by analysis nozzle calculation

  • Investigate external forces and moments, such as those arising from piping or agitators

  • Calculate fatigue life due to cyclic mechanical and thermal loads

  • Produce 3D stress visualizations to pinpoint the governing stress location

Is the ability to perform FEA on nozzles a standard COMPRESS feature? How does it work?

Yes, this feature is included in each Standard COMPRESS License.

  1. After you've defined the loads, click the FEA button on the tool bar or Ctrl + right-click on the nozzle itself to begin the analysis.

  2. Review your results and, if necessary, modify your design.

  3. Once complete, the FEA output is automatically included in your COMPRESS report, making results easily available for third party review.
COMPRESS and INSPECT feature pressure vessel FEA which includes nozzle fatigue analysis

More About FEA

The FEA capability within COMPRESS was developed by PRG, the leading FEA experts for vessels and piping. This analysis of combined cyclic pressure, thermal and mechanical loads is based on the design by analysis rules of ASME Section VIII, Division 2.

If you don’t have software that performs finite element analysis, it’s time to explore the benefits of COMPRESS. Find out more by emailing or calling (941) 927-2670.