Fast ASME® Nozzle Design Done Your Way

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Efficient ASME Nozzle Design

The Nozzle Quick Design feature eliminates the trial and error otherwise required to design nozzles that meet ASME BPVC requirements such as UG-37 and UG-45. It is not unusual to have vessels with 20 or more openings and time spent detailing nozzles can really add up. With Nozzle Quick Design, you just select the nozzle size you want, locate it on the vessel and let COMPRESS do the rest. Preferences direct the Nozzle Quick Design to fill in the details based on your design rules. Your choices include:

  • Which standard pipe schedules\sizes are allowed? This setting affects the A2 area reinforcement contribution and a thicker pipe is usually better than adding a reinforcing pad.

  • Are nozzle internal projections allowed, and if so, how long can they be? (A3 area contribution)

  • Are reinforcing pads allowed, and if required, what are the minimum and maximum pad dimensions? (A5 area contribution)

  • Are ASME B16.5 \ ASME B16.47 flanges to be specified, and if so, what is the minimum rating (class) allowed? For example, not all customer specifications permit the use of class 150 flanges.

Your preferences are then used to design nozzles that meet the opening reinforcement rules of UG-37, minimum wall thickness requirements of UG-45 and attachment weld sizes per UW-16. Once detailed, nozzle MDMT’s are calculated per UCS-66 or UHA-51 as appropriate.

The Nozzle Quick Design feature eliminates trial and error when designing nozzles that meet the requirements of UG-37 and UG-45
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