Pressure Vessel Internals and Attachments

Platforms, Ladders, Insulation and Piping

The COMPRESS Platform & Ladder Dialog
The COMPRESS Attach Menu is used to add Pressure Vessel Platforms, Ladders, Trays, Packed Beds, Insulation and Lining

Trays, Packed Beds and Linings

Clips and Lugs

A very handy option on the COMPRESS Attach Menu is the ability to perform a local stress analysis on small attachments such as clips and lugs. The local loads and geometries specified are analyzed using WRC 107 / WRC 537.

The COMPRESS Attach Menu Includes a Clips and Lugs Option

The COMPRESS Attach Menu feature:

  • Lets you add as many attachments and internals as you want

  • Allows you to specify if attachments and internals are present in the empty, test, lift and shipping cases

  • Calculates the effects of the load combinations on pressure components such as cylinders and transitions

  • Determines the attachment’s and internal’s effects on pressure vessel supports including skirts, legs and lugs

  • Calculates the attachment’s and internal’s effects on skirt base rings, leg base plates, anchor bolts and foundations

  • Performs WRC 107 / WRC 537 local stress analysis on clips and lugs

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