Pressure Vessel Shipping Saddles in COMPRESS

All pressure vessels, with the exception of those fabricated on site, need to be transported via truck, rail and/or boat.  For the case of vertical vessels this requires that temporary horizontal supports, called shipping saddles, be designed. To address this common design requirement COMPRESS provides a shipping saddle option based on the industry standard Zick Analysis. COMPRESS investigates shipment loads applied to the three principle axes of the vessel and determines the resulting stresses in the shell and the saddle.

COMPRESS can consider up to 10 shipment conditions and allows designers to keep everything within one convenient file. An added benefit is it allows the designer to find the best placement for shipping saddle placement while accounting for platforms, ladders or protruding nozzles.

COMPRESS Can Add Shipping Saddles to Any Pressure Vessel Including Horizontally Supported Vessels

Shipping Saddle Load Cases Can be Specified:

Up to 10 Shipping Saddle Load Cases Can be Considered by COMPRESS

Shipping Saddles On a Skirt Supported Tower:

Shipping (aka Transportation) Saddles on Vertical Pressure Vessels Can be Designed by COMPRESS

COMPRESS Pressure Vessel Design Highlights

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