Part 9 Crack-Like Flaw Assessments Using INSPECT

Cracks can be introduced during fabrication or later during operation. INSPECT’s API 579-1, Part 9 Level 1 assessment quickly determines which crack-like flaws can be safely left in service and which require more investigation. Part 9, level 1 is a conservative screening assessment.  Because of this, only minimal data entry is needed to set up the crack and perform the assessment. Simply model the component the crack is on, enter the crack’s description and press F3. INSPECT then creates a report showing how the actual crack length compares with the allowed length based on the screening curves of API 579-1.

Quickly Create Crack-Like Flaw Assessment Reports

Although simple to use, INSPECT’s Level 1 crack-like flaw assessments are in compliance with all the requirements of API 579-1 Part 9.  For instance, crack-like flaw assessments require a Part 3 (brittle fracture) screening for components subject to tensile stresses over 8,000 psi. INSPECT automatically performs a Part 3 brittle fracture analysis as part of its Part 9 assessment. If the crack is out of plane INSPECT also determines the equivalent length to be used in the analysis.


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An INSPECT API 579 Part 9, Level 1 Crack-Like Flaw Report

How to Perform Part 9 Crack Assessments using INSPECT

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