INSPECT and Part 11 Fire Damage Assessments

INSPECT helps Engineers perform Fire Damage assessments of fixed equipment per API 579 Part 11 Level 1 and 2. It does this by organizing relevant observations and documenting conclusions in a consistent series of data entries and reports. Provision is made for recording visual evidence, fuel, and ignition source. Also included are provisions for material data and supporting documents and images.

Heat exposure zones (HEZ) may be assigned to entire pressure vessels or individual vessel components as required. A convenient fire damage summary report lists the components included along with applicable Pass/Fail conclusions. For equipment that does not pass Level 1, Level 2 assessments can be performed on entire vessels or for selected components. INSPECT supplies the required Level 2 support documentation by automatically determining new material allowable stresses and running updated Code calculations for both internal and external pressure.

INSPECT Supports Part 11 Level 1 and Level 2 Fire Damage Assessments
Example INSPECT Part 11 Fire Damage Assessment Report

Performing Fire Damage Assessments With INSPECT

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