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We’re pleased to announce that Shopfloor 2018 now includes the 2017 Edition of the ASME IX BPVC. Other recent enhancements to our cloud-based welding procedure software include:

  • A Shop Traveler feature for tracking tasks or items that need to be reviewed and approved by your Authorized Inspector (AI) or customer.

  • The ability to easily adopt Appendix E Standard Welding Procedures
  • An option to create welding procedures and qualify welders for corrosion-resistant and hard-facing overlay welds
  • ASME Section IX Tubesheet Mockups per QW-193 and QW-288.

  • The ability to map production welds.

Shopfloor is a cloud based welding procedure management software that integrates with COMPRESS and INSPECT

We invite you to see how Shopfloor can simplify ASME IX compliance and welding management by Contacting Us today.