Pressure Vessel Nameplate Creation in COMPRESS

Every pressure vessel is required by Code to have a nameplate.  COMPRESS handles this detail by including a convenient nameplate option.  This feature also creates a matching nameplate bracket and shows the appropriate nameplate details on the drawing.  Automatic nameplate creation minimizes transcription errors and helps ensure that the nameplate is placed in a convenient location.

The Codeware Interface is a standard COMPRESS feature that can be used to quickly create detailed fabrication drawings in SOLIDWORKS®.  These drawings include pressure vessel nameplates and mounting brackets as shown below.

Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger Nameplate Design in COMPRESS

The Codeware Interface Automatically Adds Pressure Vessel Nameplates to Drawings

Nameplate Dialog in COMPRESS

COMPRESS Pressure Vessel Nameplate Dialog

(click image to enlarge)

Nameplate on COMPRESS Model

COMPRESS Pressure Vessel Nameplate Design


Pressure Vessel Nameplate exported from COMPRESS to SOLIDWORKS

COMPRESS Pressure Vessel Design Highlights

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