API 579 Part 6 Pitting Assessments Using INSPECT

INSPECT performs Part 6 level 1, 2 and 3 pitting assessments and generates detailed API 579 reports with one button click.  Assessments can be performed for both localized and widespread pitting.  In addition, pitting damage may be located internally, externally, or on both sides of the vessel.  Interactions between pitted regions and local thin areas are automatically detected and addressed as well.  Other Part 6 highlights include:

  • Pitting flaws are displayed to scale on the INSPECT 3D model.

  • Images may be added to the Level 1 pitting report to satisfy the Part 6 requirement for a scaled photo or rubbing of the surface of the damage.

  • Pitting measurements may be entered manually or copied and pasted from a spreadsheet.

  • Individual joint efficiencies may be defined for each pitted area.

  • Calculations using ASME Section VIII Division 1 or Division 2 equations can be performed.

  • Supplemental load calculations are provided.  INSPECT calculates Part 6 supplemental loads automatically, with vessel geometry, vertical loads, lateral forces, wind and seismic loads taken into consideration.  Supplemental loads may also be manually entered.

  • Tensile and compressive longitudinal stresses are considered for all applicable load cases.  The allowable compressive stress is calculated using the methodology in API 579-1 Annex A.

INSPECT Includes API 579-1 Part 6 Level 1,2 & 3 Pitting Assessments
INSPECT Handles Areas of Combined Part 6 Pitting and Local Metal Loss

How to Perform Part 6 Pitting Assessments in INSPECT

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