Codeware is committed to supplying customers with quality software. This commitment is evidenced by:

  • Careful hiring practices
  • Process-based software development
  • Codeware’s customer centered culture
The Nozzle Quick Design feature eliminates trial and error when designing nozzles that meet the requirements of UG-37 and UG-45

Software Development and Quality Assurance

The Codeware Software Development Team is responsible for the development and maintenance of COMPRESS, INSPECT and Shopfloor. All members of the Codeware Software Development Team are based in the United States and have a degree in mechanical engineering or computer science. Our Quality Assurance Department works closely with the development team and is comprised of an engineering group as well as an IT group.

The COMPRESS Software Verification Manual

Software verification manuals are available as part of Codeware’s support services and are available to all customers at no additional charge. These manuals document the validity of the methods used and the calculations performed. Several different authoritative sources are used for the validation calculations documented in the verification manual including the ASME® Code’s published examples.

The following is an excerpt from the COMPRESS Software Verification Manual. Codeware is committed to continuously improving the systems and procedures used in the development of COMPRESS. Accordingly, this document is subject to change as required by Codeware’s Quality Management System.