Les BildyAs this is my first blog posting (ever) I believe that a short introduction is in order.  I  founded Codeware in 1983 in Ontario, Canada and am the original author of COMPRESS. Since 1983 we’ve grown to serve clients in over 65 countries and have offices in Sarasota, Florida and Austin, Texas. Although much has changed over the years, our founding principles have not. My team and I are still dedicated to providing innovative engineering software of the highest possible quality and value.

In brief, by quality I mean software that follows the rules of the ASME Code supported by the engineering judgment required for its sound interpretation. A rigorous and extensive quality assurance program is mandatory. Quality includes reliability as well as timely and correct answers to support questions. Reliable software installs and runs in myriad IT environments.

By value I’m referring to the unique ability of our products to create work flow efficiencies for our clients. In addition to speeding up engineering calculations, our software includes, at no additional charge, smart solid model interfaces to both SOLIDWORKS and Inventor.  Our concept of a smart solid model is one that contains all of the engineering knowledge required to support the equipment’s life cycle.  Estimators have access to the no-charge, fully customizable COSTER Utility for Excel.  Solid models in more generic file formats including STEP and IGES can be exported too. And we’re not done yet; we have several major integration initiatives due for release later this year so please stay tuned.

On a more personal note, some years ago I was given the opportunity to participate in the ASME’s modernization of Codes and Standards effort. I’m the principal author of ASME VIII-1, Appendix 1-10 and ASME VIII-2, Part 4.5. In support of this work I also co-authored WRC-529 “Development of Design Rules for Nozzles in Pressure Vessels for the ASME B&PV Code, Section VIII, Division 2”. I mention this as evidence of my long standing belief in the public benefit of safety codes and standards such as those embodied by the ASME.

Yours Truly,

Les M. Bildy, P. Eng.