You’ve been directed to this page because you do not have INSPECT, our FFS and IDMS  upgrade to COMPRESS, enabled on your license.

How do I Upgrade From COMPRESS to INSPECT?

Call us at +1 (941) 927-2670, email, or simply fill out the form below to request more information on upgrading to INSPECT.

What is the INSPECT Upgrade Option?

The INSPECT upgrade adds Fixed Equipment Mechanical Integrity (FEMI) and Inspection Data Management capabilities to COMPRESS. INSPECT extends the types of equipment covered and includes piping and above ground storage as well as pressure vessels. INSPECT:

  • Includes all COMPRESS features and options

  • Determines remaining life and inspection schedules per API 579-1, API 510, API 570, and API 653

  • Creates API 579-1 FFS reports for general and local metal loss, pitting, dents, gouges, cracks, creep, and fire damage

  • Supports old ASME Codes dating back to 1950

  • Documents un-documented pressure vessels

  • Quickly creates Minimum Safe Operating Temperature (MSOT) curves

Learn More About INSPECT
INSPECT Handles Areas of Combined Part 6 Pitting and Local Metal Loss
INSPECT's Minimum Safe Operating Temperature (MSOT) Curves Compare Equipment Brittle Fracture Ratings to Process Conditions
INSPECT Performs Part 10 Creep Assessments and Produces Detailed API 579 Reports