The Codeware HTRI interface

COMPRESS and INSPECT offer a bi-directional interface with HTRI’s Xchanger Suite Xist®. This feature saves time and enhances collaboration between Mechanical and Thermal Designers. The HTRI interface is included at no additional charge with INSPECT and is provided with the COMPRESS Heat Exchanger Option.

Xchanger Suite Xist users can access shell and tube heat exchanger (Xist) files directly from within COMPRESS or INSPECT. The Codeware HTRI interface imports Xchanger Suite Xist thermal designs and checks them for mechanical interferences and ASME Code compliance. This linkage also allows for quick investigation of the effects of mechanical changes on heat exchanger rated performance. Visit to learn more about Xchanger Suite.

How It Works

  1. Import your Xchanger Suite Xist file by selecting “File | HTRI Interface | Open HTRI File.” A heat exchanger model will then be created based on the details specified in the Xist file.
  2. Add required mechanical details to the imported thermal design. COMPRESS and INSPECT will provide suggestions for optimal thicknesses for various components and ensures that the mechanical design meets ASME UHX and TEMA Code requirements.
  3. Optionally, re-run the thermal analysis from within COMPRESS or INSPECT using the interface or save the design as an HTRI file and open it in Xchanger Suite. Ensure that mechanical changes made did not adversely affect the thermal performance of the equipment.
  4. This process can be repeated until a fully-optimized heat exchanger design is obtained.

Please note that the HTRI software must be available on the same computer as COMPRESS or INSPECT to enable the file import.

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