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Shopfloor – Generating Manufacturer’s Data Reports

Shopfloor features integration with COMPRESS. Pressure vessels and heat exchangers designed using COMPRESS can be imported directly into Shopfloor saving time and reducing errors. In addition to assigning WPS's and welders to the various [...]

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Shopfloor – Maintaining Welder Continuity

Maintaining Welder Procedure Qualifications (WPQ) Shopfloor simplifies the task of creating and tracking WPQ forms and maintaining welder qualifications (continuity). Shopfloor's weld log tracks continuity and helps prevent welder expirations and costly re-qualifications. [...]

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Heater Tube API 579 Part 10 Creep Assessments

One of INSPECT's most useful features is its ability to perform heater tube remaining life assessments per the creep rules of API 579 Part 10.  INSPECT provides comprehensive Level 2 creep calculations and detailed reports. [...]

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Advanced ASME Reports, Code Compliance, and Maintaining Nozzle Positions in COMPRESS

We're pleased to announce the release of COMPRESS 2020 Build 8000. New features include: Compliance with the 2019 Edition of the ASME Code Advanced Report Formatting for easier to read design reports [...]

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Quickly Generate Detailed FFS Reports With INSPECT

Do your current Fitness-For-Service (FFS) reports leave you wondering how the answers were calculated?  Are you spending too much time creating FFS reports?  INSPECT will save you time by producing audit ready reports with [...]

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Nozzle Couplings and Slotted Anchor Bolt Holes in COMPRESS

We're pleased to announce the release of COMPRESS 2019 Build 7910. New features include: Additional nozzle coupling types An improved heat exchanger entry dialog Slotted saddle anchor bolt holes [...]

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API 579-1 Part 9 Crack-like Flaw Assessments and Excel Integration in INSPECT

We're pleased to announce the release of INSPECT 2019 Build 7910. New feature additions include: Level 1 crack-like flaw assessments Support for ASME® Codes dating back to 1950 Import/Export Excel® inspection data [...]

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