The impact test exemption rules of UCS-66 are some of the most important and yet most misunderstood provisions of the ASME Code. Because of its importance in determining safe vessel operation, MDMT is one of just a few critical parameters stamped onto vessel nameplates.  To address these complex rules COMPRESS automatically:

  • Determines if UCS-66 applies to the selected material

  • Selects the correct impact test exemption curve

  • Calculates the coincident stress ratio and MDMT reduction

  • Considers other exemptions including UG-20(f) and UCS-68(c)

  • Finds the coldest impact test exempt MDMT for the vessel

  • Passes impact test information to our Shopfloor welding procedure software

For a more detailed engineering discussion of COMPRESS and UCS-66, Click Here

COMPRESS dialog showing the impact test settings that affect the UCS-66 MDMT rating performed

A dialog in COMPRESS showing some MDMT settings.

If your current software requires you to manually enter MDMT parameters, it’s time to explore the many benefits of COMPRESS by contacting us today.